Smartlinks : Linkfire alternative ?

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Linkfire alternative

You're a producer, you released your sounds and now you're looking for a tool to create a unique tool to redirect your fans to their favorite platform ?
You certainly read or even try Linkfire but it's an expensive tool.
Does there is any great alternative ?

Free Alternative ? is a free smartlinks services launched in 2018 compatible with the most famous streaming platforms. You can :

  • Create unlimited smartlinks
  • Get Pretty URLs
  • Activate stores such as Apple Music, Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Youtube, Bancamp and more..
  • Automated redirect of your fans based on their geography
  • Get views analytics

How does it looks like ?

We tried and created our own link, it took us only few seconds to generate the link and the result is pretty slick and similar to Linkfire.

Listen lt preview

Give it a try ! Create your own smartlink.